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We recommend our free online presentation to the attention of psychologists and therapists.
The ATTACHED Projective Toolkit is an innovative projective tool. Its biggest advantage is that it allows for a wide range of uses, both in terms of psychological trends, the age of the client, the therapeutic stage and goal.


In our presentation, this time we will present the application possibilities of the device in adolescent therapy, touching on the following questions:
What is the ATTACHED Projective Toolkit and how does it work?
How does ATTACHED contribute to working with relationships?
What do teens like about this device?
How can ATTACHED help overcome the difficulties of adolescent therapies?

Lecturer: Szilvia Csanaky, clinical psychologist, integrative child therapist, integrative therapist
Organizers: ATTACHED projective toolkit team

DATE: Saturday 05 May 2022  16:30-07:00






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