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The ATTACHED projective toolkit is a therapeutic tool developed for psychologists and therapists working with adolescents and adults over 14 years old. It is based on a psychodynamic approach, its application provides a wide range of projection possibilities. ATTACHED can be used at different stages of therapy, there are several layouts to choose from  according to therapeutic focus. ATTACHED primarily contributes to therapeutic work with the client's relationships and, according to the testing period, attachment patterns.  


The use of the tool is easy to learn thanks to the detailed description, with a number of clues to aid the process of discussion and analysis. However, we do not intentionally define an exclusive interpretive framework for evaluation. This provides an opportunity for representatives of different psychological sectors and methods to process their experiences with the tool primarily according to their own professional approach.  


Our goal was to create a tool that can be useful and exciting for both the therapist and the client, bringing surprising twists and insights. We wanted to create a therapeutic kit that was formally novel, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to transport. 

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